What made me happy in 2014

It’s been one year since I officially started this website. Maybe not all went as I planned (namely doing mobile applications) but on the last evening of 2014 I was looking back through year and read what made me happy. So here is quick summary, analysis and my comments, (perhaps nothing new under the sun) but anyway:

For the most of the year I persevered in writing notes every day and I'm glad for that. I missed few days, it's funny how life is hectic, sometimes I couldn’t remember for the last day what was it about.

If I should categorise somehow what made me happy, it would be following:

    • - Spending time with my wife (mostly talking and sharing what's going on)
    • - Doing some activities with the kids or having some interactions with them, or doing something special
    • - Spending time with the friends
    • - Doing some accomplishment in the work, like getting over some obstacle, completing task/project
    • - Doing something what I didn't do in the long time / planned to do for a long time (making trip, visit some place)
    • - Major event that is not happening so often, like changing career
    • - Doing things I like to do (obvious)
    • - Specifically personal. For me it was sleep. I guess I had generally deficit of sleep this year since I have few notes of gratefulness where in which I am expressing that I could take extra nap during morning/day. Interesting

Interestingly (but I guess not so surprising), the more concrete the note is, the more likely there is chance that I will remember that time / moment. For example in stead of writing "I spent time with my friends" writing "I spent time with my friends in (this) pub and talked about (this and this) or had this beer " etc. I realised that second approach is better, so I will to do it like this in the future. I also realised that it would be good to attach photos which I think will even more reinforce memory (I have it in my todo list, we'll see how long it will take to implement it).

I felt like most of the notes are private, personal which I don't want anyone to see, although I tried to write some in such way that they could be sharable (sharing on social network in fully for one month or so now) for the sake of some content on the website

In this year there were many highs and lows and especially for lows I remember sometimes all I could appreciate was something like "Sunshine made me happy today" or "I am glad that it wasn't worse" but I think even in such not pleasant moment's it's good (actually I think important) to look for and focus on some positive things.

Most of the year I didn't do much effort to propagate this website so I was quite active before end of the year, since it's good motivational goal to start new year with something new. So I am using this opportunity to welcome new users and I am looking forward for 2015!!!