How to find happiness?

Happiness. We all want it. But how do we achieve it?

Is happiness an illusive state that we hope to fall into someday? Is it a goal that we can pursue? Is our happiness determined by the things and situations around us? Or is it something we can control?

It is easy to feel that our happiness depends on factors that are out of our control. How people treat us, how well our workday goes, how healthy and smart our children are, how much money we have, how much money we spend - all of those things seem to affect how happy we are. And certainly this is partly true. We all know there are circumstances such as the loss of a loved one in which it is simply impossible to be happy.

Yet perhaps we are acquainted with people who seem to “have it all” - a good job, a nice home, a beautiful family - and still they’re never happy. They always have something to complain about, and they can’t see how good their life really is. On the other hand, perhaps many of us have met or read about poor people in difficult circumstances, such as under-developed countries, who seem to be bubbling over with happiness in spite of their poverty and problems.

So what’s the secret? How can you and I find happiness?

The key is our perspective on life.

How do we view the circumstances around us? It is natural to immediately see what is wrong or bad about our situation and focus on those things. Instead, we have to make a conscious choice to look for the positive, to find things to be happy about. We have to take time to find the good in every thing.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Don’t be disappointed about the half that’s missing. Rather, stop and appreciate the half that’s still there!

Here’s a helpful tip - set an alarm or reminder to go off several times throughout the day. When you hear the alarm, stop and consider what you’re thinking about. Are you thinking positive thoughts? Are you focusing on the things that make you happy? Take a moment to look for the good right where you are when the alarm goes off. This will help you form a habit of happy thoughts - and if you are consistently thinking happy thoughts, you WILL find yourself to be a happier person!